Massage Sofia

This the place in Sofia where you can find professional massages, friendly and kind therapists, great services and relaxing atmosphere.

Contact Info:
The locations of our two FIZ Centers are selected in order to be easy accessible by feet, car or public transport. Both of them are in the center of Sofia, so you can include a massage in the perfect moment selected by you.

We try to have always some available option in order to provide the massage right away, but we still recommend to make an appointment (by phone or email), in order to be sure that in that moment we are not already fully booked.

Massage Center FIZ 1

(close to National Palace of Culture)

5A Dr. Petar Beron Street, Sofia, Bulgaria

Massage Center FIZ 2

(close to Serdika metro station)

11 Lavele Street, Sofia, Bulgaria


FIZ 1: 5A Dr. Peter Beron Street
FIZ 2: 11 Lavele Street
+359 878 677 997

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